More than 80% of major brand sales go through retail stores.
This means that the store is the place where your brand accesses the market and your customers get in contact with your company: an effective and efficient management of the visual and operational standards is the milestone for the success of the retail network.

Store App is the complete solution for visual and operational excellence and for the real time collaboration between the store and the HQ.


In spite of the rapid growth of "Direct to Consumer" and "Online Channels", major brands still move the vast majority of product through independent brick and mortar retail channels. Most brands agree that the performance of these channels is tightly linked to in-store execution of visual and operational standard. Often brands use a team of "Account Managers," "Visual Merchandisers" or similar field personnel to manage wholesales and retail channels effectively.

But Inefficient Tools Impede Effective Channel Management

Most area managers still handle store visits through a manual process. Store performance stats must be downloaded from a CRM system, while store inspections are governed by printed guidelines. Photographs regarding visual standards need to be uploaded and embedded in reports that require other tools. There is no seamless solution to handle everything from initial prep through store visit to visuals to the final report.

The result is an inefficient process that limits the number of daily visits a field rep can manage and cause the information to be unstructured ad hard-to-be-used by the head-office.

Store App enables field personnel to easily view store stats and KPls, access brand guidelines, capture and tag in-store visuals, monitor compliance and competition and seamlessly perform every task related to the store visit.


Store App consists in a tablet application for the field and in a web control panel for the back-office and administration activities. Both of them rely on a server component which allows the full integration with the corporate ERP and CRM systems.

The server component can be hosted in the cloud or on premise. In both cases, your sensitive information is secure and protected. No one from outside your company can reach it: if the system is on premise, there is the same security level of any other corporate tool already in use, whilst our cloud solution (either on Google or Amazon) has already been vetted by top-tier customer security teams.

The app can work both online and offline, giving you access in real-time to updated material along with your content continuously being available. The communication with the server is performed through an encrypted communication channel. The system is fully integrated with the existing enterprise systems and totally customizable on the look and feel to conform to the corporate identity.




Visit time and visit prep time can be reduced up to


with an increase in the number of stores visited per month.


The number of pictures taken on the field increased by

10 times

In addition, the pictures are tagged and integrated with the surveys/audits. It allows the head office to find and organize them easily having a full overview of the visual standards on the field at a glance.


No more costs for printing and shipping. Cost reduction of up to


for travel.