Store App is an end-to-end solution for managing visual and operational standard and for the real-time digital collaboration between the field and the HQ.

Store App is a tablet app for Android or iOS that enables area managers to view sales data and store KPIs pre-visit, easily capture in-store visuals, execute store activities, perform audits and do sales training. Visuals captured through the app are tagged and seamlessly integrated into the store audit.

A companion “back office” web portal enables management to communicate guidelines, surveys, targets and other information to the field, track visits and monitor compliance and competition in stores.

The app can be configured at a granular regional level and is “skinned” to conform to brand visual guidelines. Full integration can be provided with most popular CRM and ERP systems.


We are digital partner of EA7 Olimpia Milano, and we are proud to have developed the website and the mobile application for the most awarded Italian basketball team.

We designed a fresh, brand new, user friendly application: the user experience is thought to offer fans an immersive and exciting experience while the relevant content is easy to reach and always updated.

Next matches, scores and information about the players are right there where you expect to find them.

Fans can read official news coming directly from the basketball society as it is one of the team's official communication channel.

The usability is extremely friendly and intuitive thanks to the essential and responsive design, and the application is available both for iOS and Android.


It was the spring of 2013 when some prototypes of the smartglass were distributed to the developers winners of a contest that rewarded the best ideas of use for the device - that's how Vidiemme became a Glass Explorer and started developing for the, once, brand new device.

Long time has passed and many things changed but we're still proud of the many applications developed, which covered different sectors like health, media, smart cities and tourism.

Research and testing activities have enabled us to reach important goals like the first use of Google Glass in an operating room to shoot subjective videos of the specialist intervention to produce a series of high quality video tutorials or for the first organ removal for transplant purposes in the world with the support of Google Glass.

To be remembered also our applications to allow deaf people access to a complete museum experience and an interactive and playful city-tour of Venice with Google Glass.


We developed the website and the mobile application for Spin8, leading Italian electric mobility charging provider and innovative start up and university spin-off.

The app allows to find the available stations for charging electric cars, identify the closer ones, choose your favorite charging points and comment & share your charging experience.

Thanks to the mobile app it is possible to activate the charging station, securely pay, see the charging history and enjoy special promotions.

Through the application, no membership card will be needed, just scanning a QR-Code you'll be able to recharge your EV: the aim of this friendly user experience is making Spin8 an open, interoperable, digital and accessible network.


We developed the mobile platform for the first and only MBA Executive Master available as distance learning in Italy, launched by MIP, Politecnico of Milan business school.

By providing the same educational training and networking opportunities of the traditional MBA, the Flex formula is based on a distance learning platform to access content via web and mobile.

The App provides the users with educational material, a rich library with in-depth analysis and videos, useful links, Q&A, a calendar with all the recommended deadlines and the possibility of training for the final exam. It also allows to access professors and students forums, chats and connecting to live sessions.

The advantage is not only having an entire Master available on a tablet, but also all contents available offline, while results and activities will be synchronized as soon as a connection is available.

METEO.IT is a mobile app developed for Mediaset, the largest commercial broadcaster, Italian-based mass media company.

The application provides users with real-time daily and weekly weather forecast for more than 20.000 locations in Italy and worldwide, and it gives information about the GPS position or a chosen locality: depending on the location, different data of interest are provided at first glance.

The "follow" functionality allows users to receive alerts on the weather conditions of their favourite locations, with information on the same day or the next, or on any change in the forecast for a selected day.

The app offers easy and innovative navigation - the whole layout can be highly personalized in the usability and interface: users can choose the app wallpaper among 3 sets of high-quality images (standard, animals and landscape), which come with ironic and funny sentences that changes everyday.